NeuroTrac TENS Machine
NeuroTrac TENS Machine
NeuroTrac TENS Machine
NeuroTrac TENS Machine

NeuroTrac TENS Machine

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What is TENS? 

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation.

Transcutaneous; meaning via the skin.

With advanced digital, dual channel, clear LCD screen, this portable unit is durable, small, light weight and easy to use. A dedicated program for labour (no set up required) switches between two settings of your chosen intensity; rest and boots with a simple push of a hand held button.

Highly recommended for women as a drug free, safe method of pain relief during labour and birth all whilst supporting our bodies natural pain fighting responses. 

How It Works 

A TENS machine is a small battery operated device that delivers electrical impulses to a specific area of the body. This occurs via leads inserted into the device and attached to sticky pads, these are then placed to the desired area of the body. In labour they are placed on the middle and lower back. 

These impulses are a tingling sensation thought to interfere with and block pain messages sent to the brain whilst encouraging our own natural pain blocking sensors called endorphins. 

Why use a TENS Machine during labour? 

The use of a TENS machine during labour has dated back to the 1970s and is highly recommended by health care professionals to be a low risk, drug free method of pain relief. 

  • Easy to use
  • User has full control of device 
  • Portable and light weight, encouraging an active labour 
  • Can be used at home and in your chosen birthing area 
  • Excellent for mums with posterior positioned babies 
  • Can be used alone or in conjunction with various other pain relief both non and pharmaceutical types. 
  • non-invase 
  • Is a great option between using the shower and before water birth. (Can not be used in the bath or shower)
Why we choose Verity Labour Tens

Verity Medical are a leading developer and manufacturer of health care devices in the UK. The Neurotrac labour TENS is developed in collaboration with extensive research world wide and supportive training for their selected distributors.  

This unit is of exceptional quality and efficiency. Its simplicity allows you to be in control of your body’s needs in the moments you need it most avoiding distracting add ons. We recommend involving your support person with tasks like monitoring your contractions as giving them important roles can help build a positive labour and birth experience for you and your support partner.  

Hire Details

We recommend to order your machine to receive the unit for your 37th week. 

If you have hired the TENS for 6 weeks and wish to add on weeks, simply send us email and we will organise this for you. 

Due to popular demand we recommend booking your TENS ahead of time.  

Included in your order

  • Long 6 Week Hire period with additional weeks optional at $10 per week.
  • 1x Labour TENS unit
  • 2x lead wires
  • 1x pack of 4 large rectangular pads 5x9cm for maximum surface area pulse delivery
  • 1x battery inside unit and 1 x spare
  • Easy to read instructions
  • 1 x Australia Post Pre paid return envelope
  • Organisational carry pouch
Product Features
  • Suitable for a term Labour 37+
  • Can be used post birth for afterbirth pains
  • Digital Dual Channel
  • LCD display ideal in low light or dark conditions
  • Compact unit with organised pouch
  • Dedicated Labour Pain programme for ease of us
  • Remote wired boost button
  • Wide range of Intensity levels
  • Can be used in conjunction with some analgesics and other methods of relief.
  • mA lock function

We recommend to consult with your health care provider prior to using this TENS machine. 


Not recommended as below;

  • By patients fitted with a demand style cardiac pacemakers unless so advised by their Doctor.
  • During pregnancy 
  • Labour less than 37 weeks unless under the care of your medical provider 
  • By patients with undiagnosed pain conditions and skin conditions.
  • With patients who have diminished mental capacity or physical competence who cannot handle the device properly.
  • On anaesthetised or desensitised skin.
  • Do not immerse the unit in water or any other liquid. 
  • Do not use unit in shower. Simply remove and replace on a dry back post shower/bath
  • When driving a vehicle or operating potentially dangerous equipment.
  • Keep unit out of reach of children.
  • Only use CE approved skin electrodes that are provided in your pack 
  • If in doubt about the use of the NeuroTrac® Obstetric TENS unit, call your Doctor, Therapist, Clinician or your distributor for advice
Private Health Care Rebate

Depending on your Private health insurance cover you may be able to claim a portion or all of the TENS machine. Once you have placed your order we automatically send you a PDF invoice to present to your provider.

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