About Natal

def. time or place of birth.


Natal is a boutique online store tailored to improving the health and wellbeing of a woman throughout her pregnancy and postpartum. Whilst honouring the woman behind the mum to redefine the modern maternal journey. 

We believe that the essence of a healthy pregnancy stems from the balanced wellness of body and mind. Here you will discover all you need to nourish and prepare yourself through all stages of pregnancy, whether this be your first, or one of many. We have curated a range of luxury products from home grown essentials to unique items introduced from abroad. Our products are of top quality, result driven, ethically sourced and, of course, safe for you and your baby. We offer labour support hire and exclusive gifting options to make those extra decisions, easy. 

We are proudly committed to providing an environmentally friendly store without skimping on the bells and whistles. Our packaging and postage bags are a mix of recyclable and 100% biodegradable, we practise strict recycling methods through Redcycle and carbon offset our shipping through Sendle.

 Coming soon:

- Natal's own hero products to support all women and pregnancies. Setting a new standard for options that elevate your 'go-to' essentials. 

- The "Wholestory" concept where we share the people and story behind the brand, fostering transparency as to why we trust and love their products.


About Courtney

Courtney is a registered nurse and midwife currently working in a tertiary hospital in Sydney. Courtney is privileged to work closely with mothers and families and has first hand exposure to the challenges and triumphs experienced by women during pregnancy and the newborn stage. 

Working in city hospitals and in remote communities including time in Darwin, as well as living and travelling abroad, Courtney has continued to learn about different cultures and rituals surrounding pregnancy, birth and the recovery period. 

Courtney's passion for health care and midwifery expands beyond the walls of a hospital. Becoming a mother herself has helped Courtney to understand firsthand the profound changes that comes with pregnancy and motherhood. Courtney has found inspiration in the community of mothers and through her personal interchanging journey of midwife, patient and mother.  

In Natal, Courtney draws inspiration from her training and experience with methods of traditional history and the advancement of modern day technology. Our aim is to ultimately empower women to make confident and informed choices when it comes to their bodies, health and wellness during this liminal time.