NATAL Breastfeeding Support Tea
NATAL Breastfeeding Support Tea
NATAL Breastfeeding Support Tea
NATAL Breastfeeding Support Tea
NATAL Breastfeeding Support Tea

NATAL Breastfeeding Support Tea

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Our harmonic blend of galactagogue botanicals includes Fenugreek, Blessed Thistle and Fennel. Traditionally used for thousands of years to support healthy breastmilk supply and let down of milk. Hand blended with Lemon Balm for its nervine properties (calmative for the central nervous system) and nutritive botanicals. Nettle for its potent nutritive and anti-inflammatory properties that help to calm and soothe mum including the digestive tract of mum and baby. 

Our breast feeding support tisane is potent yet gentle with a refreshing and fragrant taste. Gentle tones of sweet forest floor and distant spices. This blend honours mother natures natural remedies to help hydrate the body and improve the quality and quantity of your breast milk whilst supporting relaxation and letdown. 

Our packaging is made from recycled materials and 100% biodegradable including food grade liners to maintain quality and freshness. We are dedicated to looking after mums whilst taking care of the queen of mums, mother nature. 


Loose Leaf Tea

50 grams 

100% Organic | Vegan | Caffeine Free | Natural | Australian made and owned | Ethically sourced 



100% *Certified Organic

Fenugreek* Blessed Thistle*  Fennel*  Nettle*  Lemon Balm* 


Hot- Add 1 Tsp to strainer. Steep in hot water for 2 minutes.

Iced- Follow steps as above. Store in fridge. Once cooled enjoy with ice cubes and/or fresh fruit for added vitamins, minerals and natural flavour

Enjoy 2-3 cups per day. 

Our Tea Story 

Our select tea blends are supported by naturopathic plant based evidence ethically sourced directly from mother nature. These blends are researched by registered Midwife, created around naturopathic evidence and the history of tea culture. Our botanicals are expertly sourced and handcrafted by certified Tea Sommeliers to enhance purity, quality and overall taste. 

We have intentionally kept the number of ingredients low to ensure potency and effectiveness is achieved. We combine complimentary botanicals that work in synergy together to enhance active benefits whilst serving gentle and delightfully tasteful brews tailored to supporting specific pregnancy and postpartum stages. 

Breastfeeding Tips

We want only the best outcomes for our mums. When consuming for the purpose of increasing breastmilk supply it is important to note that natural remedies can be excellent in ADDITION to;

An established nutritive latch 

Regular feeding 


A wholesome diet 

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