NATAL's All About Mum Tea Bundle
NATAL's All About Mum Tea Bundle
NATAL's All About Mum Tea Bundle
NATAL's All About Mum Tea Bundle
NATAL's All About Mum Tea Bundle

NATAL's All About Mum Tea Bundle

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A value packed gift box for all expecting mums.

Prepare | Recover | Calm 

Each bundle Includes our labour preparation and lactation support tea's. Our bespoke organic tea blends are thoughtfully created to complement specific needs of the third trimester and postpartum. The combination is perfectly paired to also calm the mind and hydrate the body supporting mums when transitioning from pregnancy to postpartum life. 

Each tea pack includes a mesh tea strainer and our gift card, beautifully bundled together in Natal's signature packaging.  

*Gold spoon not included. 


Our Tea Story 

Our select tea blends are supported by naturopathic plant based remedies ethically sourced directly from mother nature. Extensively researched by our registered Midwife and Nurse, based around naturopathic evidence and the history of tea culture. Our botanicals are expertly sourced and handcrafted by certified Tea Sommeliers to enhance purity, quality and overall taste. 

We have intentionally kept the number of ingredients low to ensure potency and effectiveness is achieved. We combine complimentary botanicals that work in synergy together to enhance active benefits whilst serving gentle and delightfully tasteful brews tailored to supporting common pregnancy and postpartum stages. 


- 1x Labour Preparation | 50 grams | Loose Leaf Tea

- 1x Breast Feeding Support | 50 grams | Loose Leaf Tea

- 1x Mesh tea strainer 

- Gift packed. Tea packaging, tissue & card are 100% biodegradable and made from recycled materials. 

Labour Preparation Blend

Our vibrant blend of botanicals includes the well known hero, Raspberry leaf. Traditionally used to help strengthen and tone the uterus in preparation for a shorter more effective labour. A nutritive tonic, raspberry leaf is also beneficial in supporting a healthy recovery. 

A grounding herbaceous tisane with a heart holding hint of calming lemon to support your mind and body for labour and recovery. 

*This blend is safely recommended only in the third trimester and/or post childbirth.


100% Certified Organic* 

Raspberry Leaf* Nettle* Whole raspberries* Lemon Verbena* Calendula*


Breastfeeding Support Blend 

Our breast feeding support tisane is potent yet gentle with a refreshing and fragrant taste. Gentle tones of sweet forest floor and distant spices. Natal's breastfeeding support blend honours mother natures natural remedies to help improve the quality and quantity of your breast milk whilst supporting relaxation and letdown.


100 Certified Organic*

Fenugreek* Blessed Thistle*  Fennel*  Nettle*  Lemon Balm*