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Boost your Collagen Naturally with this easy Slow Cooked Lamb Shank Ragù

 Nutrient dense. Melt off the bone delicious. Collagen rich. Lamb shank ragù.   There is nothing better than the smell of a slow cooked ragù. This wholesome recipes packs a punch of nutrients. Made with meat on the bone for extra collagen, hidden liver for a boost of iron, and loaded with vegetables for fibre; this meal is purposely tailored towards meeting the nutritional demands of pregnancy and postpartum. This is the perfect meal to freeze for your postpartum stash or make for your pregnant friend. Mix up the veggies with what's in season and in your fridge.      - Renee Jennings, Nurture the Seed    Serves: 4-6 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil 2-3 lamb shanks depending on their...

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Renee Jennings; Clinical Dietitian and mum shares her expert knowledge on the nutritional needs for your third and fourth trimester, Including 5 top tips on postpartum food preparation.

    Navigating your way through a healthy diet in pregnancy can often be overwhelming and just confusing; What is safe to eat, What do I avoid, what types of vitamins and minerals are needed and how much, Is my baby getting enough?   Naturally we want to make the best choices for our baby and body but with easy access of information it can be hard knowing what is evidence based and also right for you. Renee Jennings Clinical dietitian of 10 years and co founder of Nurture the Seed, helps clarify our nutritional needs in the third and fourth trimester. Sharing her top 5 tips for food preparation, including her collagen rich, wholesome Lamb Shank and Liver Ragù...

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The Liminal Phase; From Woman to Mother, ‘Betwixt and Between.’

Liminality was first introduced in 1909 by anthropologist Arnold Van Gennep. Describing the rites of passage as a three part structure: Separation; Liminial Period; and Re-assimilation. The liminal phase in particular, is that of a period of time where a person has not yet completed the rite of passage to their new status. Liminality was further extended by anthropologist Victor Turner and described as “Betwixt and between.” The right of passage for ones physical, psychological and social self.  It was only until recently that I truly identified with the experience of the liminal phase. This was during my first pregnancy. My husband and I were ‘ready’ to become parents and we welcomed this next chapter with open arms. As my first pregnancy...

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